Division Two undefeated after Round 3.

On an absolutely perfect day for footy, the Division 2 Bulldogs went into the match against Sydney University determined to stamp their authority and keep their winning record intact.

The Bulldogs started off with obvious intentions as they got the ball forward quickly and constantly as they tried to score. It took a few attempts, including two out of bounds and a behind, but they eventually notched up the first goal of the game. Sydney University didn’t take long to then get their first score, returning the favour with a good clearance and goal in less than ten seconds from the centre bounce.

This error in concentration appeared to kick start the men in red, white and blue, who went on a rampage to kick another five goals before the first quarter was out. Tom Scheibling was strong up front with two goals and Jack McKinlay also starred with two quick goals back to back.

The second quarter saw more of the same, with the Bulldogs forward line simply on fire. Goals were pouring in from around the ground, with a cracking team goal coming from a brilliant pick up on the wing. A free kick in the goal square also hurt the Students before half time, with the ensuing 6 pointer taking the Dogs to a 54 point lead.

Ben Hyndes had a great first half, playing a swingman position between half-back and half-forward and really supporting the team with run and pressure acts.

The main break did nothing to stop the momentum. The Sydney Uni back line just could not contain the Bulldogs forwards, as quick ball movement seemed to derail their defence. Whilst the home team managed to kick a goal each quarter, it was the boys from the Eastern Suburbs who kept the scoreboard operators busy with another quick three goals in the final 20 minutes killing off any potential comeback.

Scheibling, Jackson Coutts and Harry Sleigh all finished with four apiece, followed closely by McKinlay who added to his first quarter tally to kick three goals for the match and be named as one of the team’s best.

Despite the convincing win, Coach Tom Williamson says they’ve still got work to do. “If we can put together a four quarter effort, I’ll start really looking ahead for what we can achieve this year”. He was pleased with the delivery in to the forward line, saying the team “gave them the best opportunity to beat their man”.

McKinlay said the win was sealed by strong marking across the board. “Against Manly, we let them off the hook, and this time we won by about 90 points”. He credits their three win start to the season to strong numbers down at training.

Sydney University 1.1-7 3.5-23 4.6-30 5.8-38
UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 6.5-41 12.5-77 15.9-99 19.15-129


Goal Kickers: T. Scheibling 4, J. Coutts 4, H. Sleigh 4, J. McKinlay 3, C. McKinlay 2, B. Hyndes, A. Goodieson

Best Players: J. McKinlay, L. Jones, C. Jourdain, B. Pattison, J. Coutts, O. Gohl


Goal Kickers: P. Hoey 2, L. Bennetts-inkster, K. Homberg, N. Rohrt

Best Players: M. Begg, A. Crowe, K. Homberg, J. O”Halloran, P. Caffey, P. Schmidt


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