Player Profile: Nicola ‘Guns’ Vrachnas

What bought you to the club and why do you like it?

The truth is I followed a great coach when she was appointed at UNSW-ES AFC to continue to become a better footballer. What I discovered was that not only was I going to become a better footballer, but I was going to be a better human being, team mate, club person and community member. This Club is incredible, from its unified culture, strategic vision to the on field footy and off field social opportunities. I feel privileged to be a part of UNSW-ES AFC.

What are your personal goals for the 2017 season?

To be an outstanding role model on and off the field. Improve my set shot accuracy. Take a speccy. Or five.

Greatest moment in the Stingrays Guernsey?

Winning the premiership 2017. One of the best moments of my life. The ultimate reward for hard work, vision, commitment, respect, unity and dedication to the whys of the club and the game over many years. A journey I am truly grateful for and will never forget.

Favourite team mate and why?

Rebecca “Beeso” Beeson. Why? Her hard work ethic, humility and humour. She is an unselfish teammate and an outstanding role model. Shout out to my home girl Jacinda Barclay who is an absolute inspiration.

Which team mate is most likely to disappear when it’s her shout?

Sasha “Banki” Banki. #awkies #ily

What is your message to the Stingray supporters this year?

We will use the position of being the reigning Premiers to take on the season with confidence whilst keeping grounded, humble and working on our weaknesses to take the premiership in 2017. In other words, watch us and watch out.

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