Bulldogs stomp the Western Suburbs

The UNSW-ES Bulldogs Premier side have cruised to a 130 point win against the Western Suburbs Magpies off the back of crucial work done by the halves.

The Dogs never lost the lead on Saturday at Picken Oval as they went on to score 169 (26.13) points to the Magpie’s 33 (4.9) and got revenge on a side that dominated their last encounter to the tune of 30 points.

Dogs Co-captain, Jack McAnespie, commended the backs for limiting the scoring done by the Magpies but said “all the credit goes to those blokes a little bit further up the ground”.

“We are really happy when [the halves] do their job because it means [the back’s] job is much easier,” McAnespie said. “If the ball doesn’t get down there because the mids are doing their job and the forwards are putting on pressure it is a pretty easy game for us backs.”

Coach, Steven Pollock, claimed the tactic of keeping only one or two men in the contest for balls and the rest on the outside led to the “smarter” play from the midfield.

“The essence of being footy smart is knowing when to bury your head in and also going ‘I need to stay out’,” Pollock said.

The coach also made special mention of Justin Cann at half forward flank for kicking five goals in the “hardest position to play on the park”.

The Dogs, for the most part, dominated a chaotic first period of play. Both teams scrambled during contests for the ball, but that didn’t stop the dogs putting away four goals. The Magpies struggled but gained some ground towards the end of the quarter with successive good attacks. During this time the Dogs defence struggled to clear the ball outside the defensive 50, however, the magpie’s inaccuracy ensured that this wouldn’t cost too much. The first quarter finished with the Dogs on 29 (4.5) points to the Magpie’s 11 (1.5).

The second quarter was tightly contested and centred on the middle of the park. However, the dogs claimed the better of it due to an early onslaught that saw them score 20 unanswered points. The Magpies looked solid but were unable to produce anything significant to minimise the deficit, which ballooned to 37 points. UNSW-ES on 54 (8.6) to West’s 17 (2.5).

The Dogs left little hope for the Magpies as they cruised past 100 points in the penultimate quarter. The Magpies we’re only able to add 15 points in a quarter where the Dogs put on 57 to effectively seal the result.

The boys from the East continued to stomp on the Magpies in the final quarter. Their marking, passing, defence, and attack were all on point as they marched to a 135 point win and kept the Magpies scoreless for the period. The final score 169 (26.13) for the Bulldogs and 33 (4.9) for the Magpies.

The Bulldogs will take on the competition leaders, University of Sydney, in a top of the table clash at home next week.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Western Suburbs Magpies 1.5-11 2.5-17 4.8-32 4.9-33
UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 4.5-29 8.6-54 17.10-112 26.13-169


Goal Kickers: R. Haupt 2, B. Mumme, J. Nieser

Best Players: R. Haupt, P. Maxwell, Y. Milligan-Saville, C. McEvoy-Gray, D. O”Connell, L. Davis


Goal Kickers: S. Pollock 6, J. Cann 5, M. Thompson 3, L. Irvine 2, K. Reynolds-Erler 2, J. Deep 2, S. Wilson, M. Lower, J. Daniher, J. McLean, B. Pattison, J. Wachman

Best Players: J. Cann, L. Irvine, J. Bartholomaeus, M. Lower, J. Daniher, J. Deep

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