Coach left “frustrated” after Magpies loss

Bulldogs Coach, Shaun Pollock, has admitted to feeling “frustrated” after the side’s loss to the Western Suburbs Magpies at Henson Park.

In local junior Jarrod Wachman’s 50th game for the club, the Dog went down 106 (15.16) to 80 (12.8) in front of a parochial crowd gathered for the club’s Ladies Day.

Pollock said that the team’s disposals, marking and leading we’re not up to scratch on Saturday

This was only compounded by sub-standard performances from captains, Jeremy Daniher and Jack McAnespie, after a pre-game talk where Pollock put the onus on them to stand up and set the standard for the team.

“I needed our leaders to stand up, I told both our captains that,” Pollock said.

“They were good in patches, but the problem is the difference between people’s good and bad. The gap is just too big.”

Both Daniher and McAnespie accepted their role in the team’s lose. Daniher said: “There is probably more we could have done, in terms of on the field and our captaincy as well.”

While McAnespie claimed he was “disappointed” with his performance and said the team played “reactively rather than proactive”.

However, Pollock also shouldered some of the blame and remained confident that the team can improve.

“I can’t take basic skills errors,” Pollock said. “Personally, I see that as my fault because I am trying to train skills and I’ve got to look at the way I’m trying to teach them.”

“At the same time, players need to take the onus on themselves to spend time on it.”

“We’ve got a young team and a lot of it is mindset […] But we can definitely move forward from this, it’s all about learning.”

Despite these comments, the Dogs made the game look fairly even for the most part. The Magpies opened the scoring for the match in the first quarter, but this was quickly responded with a Dog’s goal. The Dogs soon took lead with a second, however, they trailed off as the half went on and began to miss opportunities. The Magpies used this to their advantage, and scored two quick goals to move along to 29 (4.5) at the end of the quarter to the Dogs’ 19 (3.1).

The second quarter started poorly for the Dogs. The Magpies put a significant amount of pressure on their defensive 50, intercepted disposals well, and effectively shut down the Bulldogs breakaways on their way to scoring 33 unanswered points. However, the Dogs imposed themselves for the last 10 minutes of the half and recovered to close the gap slightly. The quarter finished 63 (9.9) to the Magpies and 39 (6.3) to the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs’ failed to capitalise on this momentum moving into the the third quarter. The Magpies started the quarter with a goal and while the Bulldogs’ seemed to have the better of the play, all they could show for it were behinds. This cost the Dogs heavily as the Magpies made better use of their opportunities were able to essentially seal the win as the gap moved beyond 30 points. Finishing the quarter on 96 (14.12) for the Magpies to the Bulldogs’ 61(9.7).

However, while the game was all but over as it moved into the final period, the Bulldogs’ fought valiantly. They kept the Magpies to only 10 points in the quarter and managed to add three goals to their tally, ending the match with 80 (12.8) points to the Magpies 106 (15.16).

The Bulldogs will take on the North Shore Bombers next week at Mortgage Choice Oval.

UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 3.1-19 6.3-39 9.7-61 12.8-80
Western Suburbs Magpies 4.5-29 9.9-63 14.12-96 15.16-106


Goal Kickers: M. Thompson 2, D. Cordell 2, J. Cann, J. Robbie, A. Foote, H. Annear, L. Edmunds, J. Hennessy, J. Buckley, S. Wilson

Best Players: D. Cordell, J. Cann, T. Banuelos, J. Buckley, H. Annear, A. Foote


Goal Kickers: N. Salter 8, B. Zoppo 4, B. Mumme, C. Ford, S. Pearson

Best Players: D. O”Connell, C. Ford, N. Salter, M. Westaway, C. Gordon, J. Etto

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