Dogs rally for Tate’s 100th

A bright sunny date at Henson Park as the Bulldogs had a tough task ahead; Western Suburbs Magpies, third on the ladder just behind us on percentage. Tate Meredith was playing his 100th game for the club, so there was plenty to play for.

It was a slow start for both teams as they challenged to get the ball moving. Breaking the deadlock, Western Suburbs were able to find the first goal with some quick ball movement however the Dogs would fight back and at quarter time, the away side had a 3-point margin.

The second quarter was a similar affair, as both teams defence was able to stave off the pressure on their forward 50. West missed a lot of shots while Bulldogs could only score one goal for the quarter.

The Magpies went into the sheds with a small lead, however the Bulldogs were fired up after the main break and came out fighting to kick two goals in succession to take the lead. The second goal was an absolute stunner by Player / Coach Tom Williamson from the boundary line that got a raucous cheer from the crowd.

Western Suburb managed to get one of their own back before the Bulldogs got clever with a dribble goal to end scoring for the quarter, a one point lead at the final change.

The game opened up in the final term and the Bulldogs were able to extend their lead with two back-to-back goals. The crowd was starting to swell and get loud for both clubs at this point, adding to the atmosphere. The teams traded goals and there was intense pressure around the contest, as both sides also were a player down for a few minutes with on-field injuries.

The boys from the East managed to sneak a goal that gave them a 9 point lead, and then locked in the ball in the forward 50 from the ensuing centre bounce as the clock ticked down. A mark on the siren meant they finished off with another goal to give their percentage a small nudge.

We spoke to the 100-gamer himself Tate Meredith after the match to get his thoughts on the game and about his time at the Bulldogs. He is a humble. Team player as seen from some of his responses.

Having a win for the milestone: Yes, we did it the hard way. Good to have a win and the boys deserved it.

Memory of first game: It was Gore Hill Oval against North Shore and we lost by 10 goals.

Favourite memory at the club: Watching the Premier League win the grand final in 2012, that was a real highlight of mine. And winning the reserve grade prelim final in 2013. W

What’s your biggest strength to the team: I like to think I’m a leader and settle things down in the backline. I apply myself as a back-man and the back-men team defence. I like to initiate that and make sure everyone’s in their spot.

What does 100 games feel like: I’ll be sore tomorrow. It’s a good club and that’s why I’ve stuck around with all the boys

UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 2.2-14 3.3-21 6.4-40 10.6-66
Western Suburbs Magpies 2.5-17 3.7-25 5.9-39 7.9-51


Goal Kickers: T. Williamson 5, J. O”Callaghan 2, L. Woods, J. Lindsay, L. O”Callaghan

Best Players: T. Williamson, Z. Collie, C. Jourdain, N. McGann, X. Brennan, L. Hoy


Goal Kickers: N. Armstrong, J. Haggerty, J. Tidd, C. Specha, C. McGrath, D. Egan, A. Eurell

Best Players: T. Woods, C. McEvoy-Gray, J. Tidd, D. Green, M. Tuttle, J. Haggerty

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