Our vision is to be the Club of Choice, which is underpinned by our purpose to provide development pathways for all players, and ensure sustainable on field and off field success.

We value honesty, respect, unity and accountability and expect our players, coaches, supporters and volunteers to embrace and support these attributes.


We are governed by an Executive Committee which is supported by club members. In 2018, the Executive is made up of:

  • President: Stephen Dunkley
  • Vice President: Alex Henderson
  • Treasurer: Josh Martin
  • Secretary: Paul Simonson
  • ARC Delegate: Jake Reid
  • Director – Marketing / IT: Jemma Still
  • Director – Social / Events: Eamon O’Donnell

The Executive Committee work together to provide strategic guidance and implementation of the club’s goals and purpose, and ensures adherence to the club’s Constitution.

Strategic Plan

In 2017, the club determined a three year strategic plan to ensure we have clearly defined goals and measurable outcomes for long term success.

Our strategic pillars are:

  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Operational Excellence
  • Financial Management
  • People and Development
  • Marketing and Communications

Click here to download the Strategic Plan 2017-2019.


The UNSW/ES Bulldogs is governed by a Constitution, a document which provides the structure within which the club operates.

Click here to download the UNSW/ES Bulldogs Constitution.

Sydney AFL By-Laws

All UNSW/ES Bulldogs teams compete in the Sydney AFL competition; therefore we must adhere to the Sydney AFL Competition By-Laws.

Click here to download the Sydney AFL By-Laws.

Code of Conduct

Along with the club’s values, all players, coaches, supporters and volunteers are expected to uphold Sydney AFL’s Code of Conduct at all times.

Click here to download the Sydney AFL Code of Conduct.

ARC Sport

As a club affiliated with the University of New South Wales, we also have responsibilities to fulfil sound operating principles to ARC Sport.

Click here to find out more about ARC Sport