Momentum builds for Division Two

The UNSW Bulldogs took on the UTS Bats out at Blacktown International Sports Park in Round 15 of the Sydney AFL, looking to gain some momentum as they head towards the upcoming finals. The momentum quickly turned into a snowball, as they dismantled the Bats on a perfect winter’s day.

The Bulldogs started the game with high pressure as they kept the ball in their half, looking to get on the board quickly and gain the upper hand. Once the first goal was scored, the floodgates opened, thanks to playing coach Tom Williamson who bagged three in a row. His best included a running pickup of the ball, twirling around an opponent and charging towards goal. Williamson ended up with four for the quarter, which was the lead they took into the first break.

The second quarter had less free flowing footy as the Bats tried to ramp up the pressure to slow down play. While that lasted for a while, the Bulldogs were relentless and continued to pile on goals. The Bats really had no answers as the Bulldogs grit and speed kept them scoring.

A big part of the Bulldogs’ win throughout the day was gut running. They were prepared to work harder for longer. The third quarter highlighted this at the Bulldogs simply got repeat entries inside 50 as players were prepared to lead. They had calmer heads as well, able to make the right decision.

The fourth quarter finished off much like the rest of the game as the Bulldogs had a full-4 quarter performance kicking at least 4 goals every quarter to get the points.

We spoke to Williamson after the game who was pleased with the team’s effort.

“We’ve been driving that four-quarter effort all year. That’s probably the closest we’ve come. We play finals out at Blacktown so we wanted to get used to the ground and I think we did that.”

You seemed to find a lot of space. Is that just gut-running?

“We wanted to work hard both ways. To the credit of the midfield they do work hard. Sometimes they work too hard and run too hard one way… but yeah, it’s good for them to get space.”

You kicked a few goals yourself.

“Yeah good to get on the end of a few. I’ve had a pretty lean month. The boys were saying I needed to drop myself.”

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
UNSW Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs 5.3-33 9.5-59 14.8-92 19.11-125
UTS Bats 1.1-7 2.2-14 2.4-16 3.5-23


Goal Kickers: T. Williamson 6, A. Henderson 3, J. McKinlay 3, E. O”Donnell 2, A. Werfel, L. Woods, J. O”Callaghan, K. Jacob, C. Knudsen

Best Players: E. O”Donnell, A. Goodieson, C. Knudsen, C. McKinlay, C. Jourdain, F. Whitney


Goal Kickers: M. Tuck, S. Wood, D. Fisher

Best Players: S. Wood, J. Goodgame, A. Ryder, J. Mollison, M. Tuck, H. Clark

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