are there glaciers that are expanding

Glaciers around the world are slowly melting, and scientists are quick to point their fingers at manmade climate change. Melting Glaciers Are Filling Unstable Lakes. In 2009, Kilimanjaro’s alpine glaciers had shrunk to two square kilometers (0.8 square miles). Climate change has cut the number of glaciers at Montana's Glacier National Park from 150 to 26 since 1850, and some scientists project there will be none left within a generation. Glaciers are growing quickly there. The glacier has retreated so much that it is hardly visible in the 2004 photo. These glaciers develop in high mountainous regions, often flowing out of icefields that span several peaks or even a mountain range. The Jakobshavn glacier around 2012 was retreating about 1.8 miles and thinning nearly 130 feet annually. While certain types of glaciers—such as surge glaciers and tidewater glaciers—are actually expanding, there are many areas where scientists report glaciers are wasting away and that climate change is the culprit. Muir Glacier, located in Glacier Bay, Alaska, photographed by W. Field in Aug. 1941 (left) and B. Molnia in Sep. 1976 (middle) and Aug. 2004 (right). But it started growing again at about the same rate in … New Zealand contains many glaciers, mostly located near the Main Divide of the Southern Alps in the South Island.They are classed as mid-latitude mountain glaciers. The largest mountain glaciers are found in Arctic Canada, Alaska, the Andes in South America, and the Himalaya in Asia.. Valley glaciers. Note how the glacier has retreated to expose rock in 1976 that has since become lush vegetation in 2004. Jakobshavn Glacier in western Greenland is notorious for being the world’s fastest-moving glacier. Less precipitation also affects some glaciers. A census of the world’s glacial lakes shows there are more than there used to be, and their water volume is growing. Mountain glaciers. This reduction is the result of few heavy snowfalls. In 1912, the glaciers on Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro covered 12 square kilometers (4.6 square miles). For instance, 150 years ago there were 147 glaciers in Glacier National Park. There are eighteen small glaciers in the North Island on Mount Ruapehu.. An inventory of South Island glaciers compiled in the 1980s indicated there were about 3,155 glaciers with an area of at least one hectare (2.5 acres). And They’re Growing. Satellite imagery indicates that these lakes are continuing to expand. There has been significant and ongoing ice volume losses on the largest New Zealand glaciers, including the Tasman, Ivory, Classen, Mueller, Maud, Hooker, Grey, Godley, Ramsay, Murchison, Therma, Volta and Douglas Glaciers. Satellite imagery over Antarctica shows the rapid deterioration of two glaciers -- the most watched by climate scientists -- over recent decades, which could indicate rising sea levels globally.

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