assassin snails stuck together

You shouldn’t need much experience to keep a group of them. The freshwaters where assassin snails live in southeast Asia are tropical and slow moving. If you can keep the tank clean, they’ll happily get on with things on their own. Finding any difference between a male and a female snail is almost impossible, but the best chance you get will be during the actual mating when a male will … This is a real problem in a 2.5 gallon tank because there's just not enough room for tons of snail babies. They'll also drive many of the MTS out of the dirt and onto the glass. Their name comes from their carnivorous diet choices. Blood worms are also a favorite. Very Hungry. Going to order a few more bottles. They’d eat a lot of worms in the wild so this is a good way to vary their diet while sticking to their natural prey. Playing themselves in this witty black comedy, Seth Rogen and a bevy of Hollywood notables are stuck together at a party when the apocalypse dawns.

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