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(Shown in one of the images) Is the Mojave airfield open to the public, though, or someone took you along because they had access? The Airplane ‘Graveyard’ Then, as we drove into Mojave, we came across the Airplane ‘Graveyard’. Unfortunately I don’t have info on the Super Guppy. Very cool shot of the spaceport from the air: Flight Test Associates North American F-100F Super Sabres, Rotary Rocket Roton Atmospheric Test Vehicle (ATV), McDonnell Douglas DC-9 'Firebird II' flying testbed, Orbital 'Stargazer' Pegasus rocket launch platform,, Top 10 Google Earth Finds. You may wish to switch to the. Due to its vast area and dry, low-humidity desert conditions it is the perfect place to store a plane. His fascination with airplanes stemmed from visiting Kai Tak airport as a teenager. I went inside an ex-Thai Airways B747-400, to take a look at the interior. My next stop was Victorville Southern California Logistics Airport. Hi, Sam. At roswell international air center pinal county airpark an airliner aircraft graveyard darryl swenson field to aircraft boneyards the world tour of airplane graveyards The Largest Airplane Graveyard In Tucson Arizona Is A Must VisitDavis Monthan Afb Tucson Az Largest Aircraft Boneyard In The World At 309th Amarg Facility Tours Location Maps Photographs And AccessAirplane […] Would you be kind enough to have them send me some photos of it. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It is incredibly wide, as the seats have been taken out the fuselage. February 23, 2010. We leave ruins of our lives and culture behind like the cast-off skins of snakes, so that when we die, these cast-offs live on Your email address will not be published. Microsoft has removed the Birds Eye imagery for this map. Map-a-City. Can we speak privately, my e-mail Stay in touch. All the instrument in the cockpit was taken out include the seats. Hi I just want to thank you for this information. By John Mahoney. BY Ransom Riggs. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I am particularly interested in the Super-guppy, Sam; have you seen it it your travels? This place is situated in Kern County, California, United States, its geographical coordinates are 35° 3' 9" North, 118° 10' 23" West and its original name (with diacritics) is Mojave. There are some new airplanes parked here, including a Boeing 747-8i that Lufthansa never took delivery, several Boeing 737 MAX 8s and a Mexican Government B787 VIP up for sale. I presently reside in the Marana area. Best Wishes, A Flight on a Comlux 767BBJ Private Jet, An Interview With the First Black African Captain at Cathay Pacific, An Interview with an Asian Captain at United Airlines, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines Calls on Government to Open Border and Revive Air Travel, Singapore Airlines To Offer New Short Haul Economy Class Meal Concept, Hong Kong – Singapore Travel Bubble to Launch on 22nd November, Gulf Carriers Will Be Forced To Redesign Hub-And-Spoke Model Post-Covid, Antonov An-124 Runs Off Runway in Siberia After Dual Failures, My Aviation Collection + Thanksgiving Giveaway, GeminiJets Airplane Models – Dec 2020 New Release + Discounts, IATA: Airlines to see a Significant Turn for the Better in 2021, Stored British Airways B747 Catches Fire in Spain, EVA Air’s Latest “Flight to Nowhere”: Speed Dating. Mojave, California: Airplane Graveyard Vast inventory of retired commercial jets sit in the desert. Trip Report: What’s Changed on Emirates Flight? The mojave airplane graveyard strange mojave air and e port in the plane where airplane arrives regardless inside the airplane graveyard samchui the dusty mojave desert boneyard Where Airplanes Go To Retire The Dusty Mojave Desert Boneyard AirlinegeeksMojave Air And E Port In The California Desert Its Role As An Airliner Storage Maintenance Boneyard Scring […] Today, the Mojave Air and Space Port and industrial park is home to more than 60 companies engaged in flight development, highly advanced aerospace design, flight test and research, the wind industry, heavy rail industrial manufacturing, and airliner storage and reclamation. Mojave, California: Airplane Graveyard Vast inventory of retired commercial jets sit in the desert. 24 Photos of the Mojave Desert's Airplane Graveyard. ; We went inside an ex United B747-400 N181UA. FYI: I have visited and/or worked at the airplane graveyards throughout Arizona. SVP/CMO However, for entry to the graveyard, do you pay online, or there, or do you have to go with buyers? Are these graveyards open to the public? It is end of the line for most planes in the graveyard. This map includes both sites for storage and scrapping. Explore Mojave Airport Bone Yard in Mojave, CA as it appears on Google Maps as well as pictures, stories and other notable nearby locations on Air Hollywood have bought this plane to convert it into a filming studio. An aircraft boneyard or aircraft graveyard is a storage area for aircraft that are retired from service. Map of locations of active and post-WWII airplane boneyards and plane storage facilities in the United States and around the world Spotting Airliners Identification of individual aircraft models can be hard, considering the number of jet airliners serving the worldwide travel industry, and in desert storage. The access is very restricted to potential plane or part buyers. I am working on a sim project to get children in the communities here in Africa acquainted to aviation. Mojave Airport (MHV) Today. If so, how much is admission; and if not, can you share how you got access? Much to my surprise, the interior was kept intact. The World's Largest Airplane Graveyard in High Resolution, Now On Google Maps. I strongly recommend you watch the video to get more insight of the airplane graveyard in Mojave and Victorville. Airplane boneyards las vegas old airplanes find new life in tucson s aircraft boneyard tour tucson arizona old airplanes find new life in tucson s boneyard of military aircraft could Airplane Graveyard Top 10 Google Earth Finds TimeAirplane Boneyard In The Mojave Desert Michael John Grist MikeAirplane Boneyards Las Vegas Nevada Locations Maps DirectionsIn The … ... Have a look at Google maps, it does look very impressive. Sam Chui is one of the world's most established aviation and travel blogger, content creator and published author. I visited Mojave, California which is a famous airplane graveyard in the desert. Robert Olson, The Mojave Air and Space Port is also a storage facility for commercial airliners. Join 70,000+ others by subscribing to Sam Chui's weekly newsletter and be inspired by latest Aviation & Travel reviews and breaking deals! The useful parts such as engines, avionics and interior are usually stripped out for sale. More than 100 planes were stored there with mostly widebody aircraft. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Huy gave us a tour and explained how they tear down airplanes, using an excavator. They don’t typically welcome visitors. I visited Mojave and Victorville which are famous airplane graveyard in the California desert. Junk yards for small aircraft are not included unless they are notable for some reason. Trip Report: Flying With Etihad During Pandemic, Flying The World’s Biggest TurboProp Antonov An-22, Lufthansa “Unusual” Business Class Flight To Dubai + Dubai Arrival Procedures, Trip Report: Flying Home on Lufthansa B747-8 First Class, Exclusive: The Last Qantas B747 at Mojave, Trip Report: My Last British Airways B747-400 Flight, Trip Report: Qantas 747 Special Farewell Sydney Flight, 5 Ways Commercial Air Travel Has Changed Since Pandemic. Then we visited a ex VIM VP-BVY (ex Singapore Airlines 9V-SQH and ex Scoot 9V-OTE) B777-200/ER. I would be much obliged to you Sam if you would do this for me. Exploration these days is quite literally an armchair activity, as high-resolution satellite images and tools like Google Earth make it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to pore over the globe with a fine-toothed comb. I could almost touch the winglet! There are even more planes stored in Victorville than Mojave. These places are by invite only, through connections. I am very intersested to become a memebed of that team there(Mojave AIrplane GraveYard),have you got the official site of that airplane graveyard(Mojave)And can i visit it when i would like to buy parts ? I’t’s okay if you can’t, but it would be nice if you could. The Boneyard See it bigger here Google/GeoEye. ... Mojave is a small town in the Mojave desert, next to mountains, about 100 miles north of L.A. You need a car to get there. Welcome to the Mojave google satellite map! Below are some of the photos from Mojave airplane storage. It took a month to fully demolish a Boeing 747 but just a few days to demolish a Boeing 737. Very cool. One day, there is a discussion and you are the host: “Aviation Business After Covid-19” and it might be very interesting especially the enlightening from the expertise in here. Learn how your comment data is processed. Columbus and Magellan had it rough. The two facilities are located only about 70 miles apart, within a driving time of about 1:25. Two large airplane boneyards exist in California today, the Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) and the Mojave Air & Space Port (see map below). I met up with airplane scraper Huy. It is the civilian analog to Edwards AFB, which is just down the road a few miles. I would really want to go to Mojave and go inside that retired KLM MD-11! Aircraft boneyards of the western usa a to aircraft boneyards a to aircraft boneyards aircraft boneyards of the western usa airplane graveyard top 10 google Where Airplanes Go To Retire The Dusty Mojave Desert Boneyard AirlinegeeksThe Airplane Graveyard In Mojave Desert Where All Planes Go To Save PointsInside The Airplane Graveyard SamchuiMojave Air And E […] The airplane graveyard is located at Flightline 1434 in Mojave. He enjoys anything related to aviation and travel. No doubt the coolest thing was to stand on the wing of this ex-Qantas B747-400. Mojave (Google Maps). Airplane Graveyard - Airport Blvd., Mojave, California. It was very dark inside as the window blinds were down and most of the seats have been taken out. Mojave's dry desert climate and acres of available open space makes the Mojave Air and Space Port an ideal location for aircraft storage. Aviation Professional & Sound Money Advocate Visitors have been kept at a distance since 9/11, but you can see the airplanes in a drive-by from miles away. British Airways B747-400 Saved For Future Generations, TikTok User Cooks a Steak in a Plane Lavatory, Qantas To Operate Non-Stop Flight Between Europe and Australia, The 2020 Emirates A380 First Class Experience, This is Luxury! Greetings City: State: Go to Map! Mojave desert with extreme parkour athletes the dusty mojave desert boneyard airplane graveyard in bangkok my first a380 fleet to mojave desert for storage digging in airplane graveyards Where Airplanes Go To Retire The Dusty Mojave Desert Boneyard AirlinegeeksMojave Air And E Port In The California Desert Its Role As An Airliner Storage Maintenance Boneyard […] Do you think this is the worst and might be take any longer time returning back to normal? Jun 1, 2012 - Everywhere we go, we build. He has spent some of the happiest times of his life in the air. The Mojave Desert (/ m oʊ ˈ h ɑː v i, m ə-/ moh-HAH-vee, mə-; Mohave: Hayikwiir Mat'aar) is an arid rain-shadow desert and the driest desert in North America. with Elise Bickley, a 14-year-old parkour sensation! Take Interstate 15 North over Cajon Summit toward Victorville, California, then take 395 exit and keep on going up Route 395, you will see huge commercial jets off in the distance. To bad some of these airplanes could not be converted and/or transported to the homeless, used as greenhouses, etc. Look me up if you come here soon. Me and Calen Chan teamed up with to create an awesome parkour video (in an airplane boneyard!) The last Qantas 747 departs Sydney on its way to the Mojave Desert where it will be used for spare parts. T. Hi Sam, I used to work at the facility & have toured the the graveyard portion. Mojave Airport Bone Yard (Google Maps). Airplane Graveyard / Tucson, Arizona. Deserto de Mojave Deserto de Mojave é um deserto árido e o mais seco da América do Norte.Está localizado no sudoeste dos Estados Unidos, principalmente no sudeste da Califórnia e no sul de Nevada, e ocupa um total de 124.000 quilômetros quadrados, mas áreas muito pequenas também se estendem para Utah e Arizona. I saw a documentary about the airplane graveyard in Mojave California. I visited Mojave, Ca, which is a famous airplane graveyard in the Californian desert. The cockpit window was missing and all the valuable avionics and instruments have also been taken out. ChipBucks, Hi Sir, Its Michael from South Africa. I used to work there and therefore had access, but that is no longer the case, sorry. I went there with buyers. Covid-19 Outbreak has had combating The Aviation Industry to include human capital inside kind of jobs from any kinds of professional aviators. Hi Sam, my name is Lindsay, you look like you are having so much fun; I just can’t wait to get over to Arizona, to Mojave Graveyard. Just a year ago they were the pride of the Qantas fleet but now the iconic Airbus A380s are headed for California's Mojave Desert, also known as the 'airplane graveyard.' Hi Sam, Flightline 1434 wasn’t meant to be an airplane graveyard, but, out of necessity, it has become that. Thanks. Then I stepped inside an ex-Qantas B747 and found my way onto the 747 wing! "The Boneyard" in Tuscon, Arizona is Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. More than 100 planes were stored there, mostly these are widebody aircraft. If you have, please tell me all about it, what state of repair is it in? First, thank you for the wonderful images! (Janie Barrett) But it could also become their final resting place. Lines and lines of FedEx DC-10s and many B747s. Plane graveyard: Hundreds of jets are parked in the Arizona desert as coronavirus kills air travel ... A recently landed Delta Air Lines airplane is worked on by ground crew at Pinal Airpark. Map to recommended offbeat attractions, and road trip sights -- museums, monuments, tourist traps, folk art, pet cemeteries. Visitors have been kept at a distance since 9/11, but you can see the airplanes in a drive-by from miles away. Boneyard, The (Google Maps). Hotel Finder. I went as far as to the winglet. Mojave Airport is the civilian and commercial aircraft flight test facility. Learn how to create your own. The dry Mojave desert climate makes Mojave Air and Space Port an ideal location for aircraft storage. Attractions Fit + Nearby Attractions. It is in the Southwestern United States, primarily within southeastern California and southern Nevada, and it occupies 47,877 sq mi (124,000 km 2).Small areas also extend into Utah and Arizona. This map was created by a user. Boneyards from around the world. Lindsay. It is end of the line for most planes in the graveyard.

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