Round 1 Wrap up

After what has felt like a 6 month 2nd preseason we finally made it to round one. 4/6 Doggies teams lined up against UTS Bats at Trumper Oval on Saturday including the Women’s Prems team, Men’s Prems, Reserves and Div 1, while the Men’s Div 3 team took on Newtown Breakaways at Henson Oval. While the Women’s and Men’s Div 3 team both took a loss the Men’s Div 1, Reserves and Prems all ended the day with fantastic victories. Club president Stephen Dunkley was all smiles watching the matches over the weekend and was very pleased to spend Saturday night at a socially distanced event at the Paddington RSL. While its hard to know what the future holds we know that we, as a club, put our best foot forward and gave it our all in round 1. 


Score: Lost 11-42

Coaches comments

After a challenging start to the 2020 season, we finally got to run out for our first game against UTS on Saturday. 

The game started with UTS kicking the first 3 goals but a close-knit doggies team stuck to their guns and kept working hard for each other. Half time saw us down by 20 points. 

In the second half, the girls fought back with some hard tough footy and awesome teamwork. Unfortunately not the result we had hoped for with 

UTS running out winners 42-11. Very proud of this group today, in particular the way they looked out for each other! 

Looking forward to next week. Onwards and upwards – Woof woof! – Gerard 

Awards: A. Pellen, A. Davison, H. Harrison, S. Gulden, G. Wendelin, P. Tier

Notable mention: Alex Davidson 50 games 


Div 3 

Score: Lost 25 – 28 

Coaches Comments

Taking the field for the first time since last year’s heartache 4 point grand final loss the dog’s side has a new look with plenty of new faces and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm. The boys knew it’d be a tough day out and that’s exactly what they got with rust flying off boots, fingers and shoulders plenty.

Tom “Fearless” Roberts was a brute through the guts. The nurse by trade showed zero bedside manner repeatedly stripping the balls from stoppages and sliding through a clutch goal in the last quarter. Daniel “DJ” Johnson providing support through the middle was also fantastic but with a kill count of zero friendly or foe the ambulances will likely be waiting at the gates next week.

Enter the fresh faces, Maxy Turner, Matty Allen, Hamish “Hammer” Smith, Charles Hardman and Ollie Long. These lads worked hard and tirelessly in the engine room providing a slick interface with the dour back 6 and the forwards. Particular kudos to the Englishman Hardman who is one to watch. Hammer was also particularly effective on transition and rode a number of bone rattlers.

Injuries to Alex “AK” Kennedy and physio ATM Alexander Dawes were unfortunate casualties and hopefully, we’ll see them back soon. – Chris 

Awards: T. Roberts, H. Smith, C. Rosanove, D. Johnson, S. Jenkins-Flint, C. Hardman

Div 1

Score: Won 71 – 37

Coaches Comments

 A collection of last year’s premiership players mixed in with some of last year’s reserve grade players, some former u/19s and a smattering of new blood to UNSW made up the team as they finally took to the field after the extended and frustrating COVID lockdown.

It was an even start as the UNSW found their feet in their new grade. An early start meant the ground was still wet and dewy making clean possession difficult, but the Bulldogs work-rate early saw them take an 8-point lead into the first change.

The tide turned in the second as UTS started to throw around their weight with Bulldogs appearing a touch gun-shy over the football, continually looking to take the easy option rather than put their heads over the ball. Luckily for us, the Bats were wasteful with the chances they had, kicking one 1.5 for the term, and the Bulldogs maintained a slender one-goal lead at half time.

A healthy rev up from new coach Josh Stein and captain Josh Tighe was all that was needed to spark the Bulldogs in the second half. That upper hand was maintained for the final term as the Bulldogs ran away 34 point winners in what was a strong performance for their first outing in Division 

Nick Marsh and Lachie Reid combined sensationally in the ruck, and midfielders like Jethro Fox, Jack Sorenson and Matt Pettit reaped the benefits, all playing brilliant games. Troy Luff ended up with three goals, but it could easily have been more with at least two ploughing into the woodwork, and Jake Reid was mercurial up forward slotting two goals of his own and gifting Josh Lindsay one on the goal line on his solid return from a long injury break. In a defence that stood strong across the board, it was a cool-headed Jordan Ryder who looked the best, taking several strong marks and playing the General role across the backline.

The Division 1 team will be looking to make it 2-0 when they take on Nor-West Jets at Bensons Lane on Saturday. – Shakes 

Awards: J. Fox, N. Marsh, J. Sorenson, M. Pettit, J. Ryder, T. Luff


Score: Won 167 – 10

Coaches Comments 

It was a good performance from the boys, went away from how we like to play in the second quarter but fixed that after half time. Oscar Peter and Jackson Tikkeros both played vital roles coming up from u19. Kaia Reynolds was good on-ball all day and new face J whack was a handy pick up on the wing – Willo 

Awards: O. Peter, K. Reynolds-Erler, J. Tikkeros, H. Dyson, Z. Cameron, J. Eddy


Score: Won 178 – 48

Coaches comments

It was a young man’s game on the weekend with everyone named in the best under the age of 21. It was great to see some of our younger players who didn’t stop training during the COVID stand down and who continued with individual pre-seasons cash in with dominant performances.  It was an excellent start to the season and the team had some great patches of footy, considering there were only nine from last years grand final side take the ground we worked well together for our first hit out as a new side. Another big plus is we still have lots to improve on and will only get better from the hit out. Looking forward to round two. – Dean 

Awards:  E. Gulden, S. Thorne, C. Kilpatrick, S. Gaden, M. Ries, J. Pawle

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