Transfer (Junior)

This form should be filled out by players who have played for another AFL club (both senior and juniors) and would like to transfer their registration to the UNSW/ES Bulldogs.

Please note:

By pressing "Submit" below, the club will begin the transfer process as follows:

  1. The club will lodge the transfer through the Fox Sports Pulse online system.
  2. The previous club has 6 business days to approve or decline the transfer.
  3. The previous league then has to approve the transfer.
  4. Once the transfer is completed you will be notified by us.
  5. You will then be required to register yourself online.
Other important information:
  • All players are required to abide by the AFL Sydney Code of Conduct
  • While players are covered under the UNSW Arc personal injury insurance program, players are STRONGLY recommended to have private health insurance coverage to cover medical expenses and ambulance fees which the insurer may not.
  • A transfer can be declined if you are still under contract, haven’t returned club property (i.e. jumper) or you owe them money etc.