U19 Dogs clip the Eagle’s wings

An U/19’s Bulldogs Squad, bolstered by the return of five Swan’s Academy players, have dominated the East Coast Eagles at Henson Park. The Bulldogs didn’t let up for a second on Sunday morning as they limited the Eagles to only four scoring shots, only one of which was a goal.

The scoreline reflected a strong effort from the Bulldogs in the end. The final siren signalling an 83 (11.17) to 9 (1.3) victory.

Coach, Steven Chichester, said he believed the return of Max Lower, Jared Deep, Brandon Norton, Joey Reinhardt and Cooper Kilpatrick from the Swan’s Academy played a major part in the win.

“It made a massive difference,” Chichester said. “We were able to use the ball better, make smarter decisions with the ball in our hands and generate some run and carry.”

Chichester also credited their “outstanding” defence for the pressure they maintained throughout the match.

The first quarter was delayed by 30 minutes, but that didn’t seem to impact the Bulldogs; who ensured that the Eagles didn’t get away to a quick start. Though a miskick gave the ball away within their defensive 50, a good intercepting mark from the Dogs lead to a breakaway and the first goal of the match. While the Eagles answered back with a behind, beyond that moment it was one-way traffic. The quarter ending with the Dogs in a commanding position on 21 (3.3) points to the Eagles’ 1 (0.1).

The second quarter went from bad to worse for the Eagles. They struggled to remove the ball from their defensive 50, however, the Dogs failed to convert their time up there into a significant amount of goals. Despite this, the Dogs did get five shots off, four of which were goals. The period finishing with the Dogs on 46 (7.4) to 2 (0.2).

The Eagles started the third quarter with some fight. They effectively beat Bulldogs players and put together good combination plays on their way to their first goal of the match. Though they were unable to follow this up, as the Dogs once again broke away from the Eagles and sealing the result. The score read 64 (9.10) to the Dogs and 8 (1.2) to the Eagles at the end of the period.

The final period of play didn’t offer any twists, the Dogs continued to grind the Eagles and managed to score a goal in the first minute of play. However, with ten minutes on the clock a brawl between several players broke out in the Eagles pocket. The umpires eventually brought it to an end, finishing the game on a sour note. The end score: 83 (11.17) to the Bulldogs, 9 (1.3) to the Eagles.

Chichester said the fight was a “disappointing” way to the end the match and urged the players to “not get caught up in that rubbish”.

“It’s ill discipline. In a game that we have already won, it can cost a guy getting reported or a 50 metre free kick,” Chichester said. “It could be crucial.”

UNSW/ES Bulldogs          3.3-21    7.4-46    9.10-64 11.17-83

East Coast Eagles              0.1-1      0.2-2      1.2-8      1.4-10


Goal Kickers: J. Reinhard 4, H. Lewis 3, B. Foote, C. Kilpatrick, J. Hennessy, B. Norton

Best Players: M. Lower, I. Bartholomaeus, C. Kilpatrick, B. Foote, H. Lewis, J. Rheinberger


Goal Kickers: L. Waters

Best Players: D. Saywell, J. Taylor, A. Organ, R. Van Vliet, J. Large, C. O”Donnell

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