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Club members and volunteers of all UNSW Sports Clubs are insured for personal accident cover by Chubb Insurance through UNSW Sport and Recreation.

This is a base-level of cover and will not substantially cover treatments in private hospitals. Whilst there are some benefits paid for non-Medicare expenses, there may be an excess and a percentage of the expenses which are not covered.

If you rely solely on UNSW’s Accident Cover, you may be treated in the public health system under Medicare, which can involve substantial delays for all treatments including surgery.

UNSW-ES strongly recommend that players purchase their own private health insurance in addition to the UNSW cover.

Accident Injury Insurance Claim Procedure

Claim form and FAQs attached below

EProvided that your UNSW-ES Club membership fees are fully paid, injuries incurred during training or playing for the UNSW-ES AFL Club can be claimed through the UNSW insurance policy.

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