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Register in 2024 in Play HQ


2024 registrations are now open ahead of with Round 1 on Saturday 1 April.

AFL uses ‘Play HQ’ ( - a one stop online platform for all your players stats, teams, fixtures and results. Everyone - players, managers, volunteers and supporters need to ‘get around’ Play HQ to stay up to date in 2024. (Coaches register through

How to register with Play HQ in 2024

  1. Go to

  2. Sign Up and create your profile. Or just Log In like 2023.

  3. Register as a player and pay your fees

Welcome New Players

  • New to AFL - Never Played? Just register as above.

  • Played before as a junior or another Club - 'Sign-up' or' Log-in' to Play HQ using your email address. Then, send an email to telling us your full name, old club, email address and date of birth. We'll then contact your old club and transfer you to UNSWES. Then, you you just pay your rego fees in Play HQ.

New Players get Clothing: 
New players receive terrific player clothing to make you a look and feel like a UNSWES Bulldogs – playing socks, playing shorts, a training singlet and a match day polo short (collar-short sleeves).

Early Bird Rego Fees apply until Friday 16 February 2024

  • Men and Women - Early bird rate $470 (then $520)

  • Life Members - Early bird rate $240 (then $290)

  • UNSW Students - Early bird rate $220 (then $270)

  • Other Full Time Students - Early bird rate $320 (then $370)

  • Under 19.5s Men - Early bird rate $240 (then $290)

  • Under 20 Women's- - Early bird rate $240 (then $290)

  • Masters - Early bird rate $120 (then $170)

Let's get you started. Go to .

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