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Joining UNSWES in  2024 

New to AFL - Never Played

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Press 'Sign Up' and create your profile - its free.

Step 3 - Register in Play HQ with 'UNSW Eastern Suburbs AFL' and pay fees. 

Played before with different junior or senior AFL Club

Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Check you have a profile. If not, sign up. It's free.

Step 3 - Attend UNSWES training and give your details* to your Coach. Or email the info*

Step 4 - Pay your rego fees using your Play HQ profile.


* The info we need is your full name, former club, email address and your date of birth.

UNSWES will then apply to your former AFL Club to transfer you to UNSWES.

Played with Bulldogs in 2023

You know the drill. Go to Play HQ and pay your fees. Thanks.

Other important information:

  • All players are required to abide by the AFL Sydney Code of Conduct

  • While players are covered under the UNSW Arc personal injury insurance program, players are STRONGLY recommended to have private health insurance coverage to cover medical expenses and ambulance fees which the insurer may not.

  • A transfer can be declined if you are still under contract, haven’t returned club property (i.e. jumper) or you owe them money etc.

For any queries please contact Iain Dunstan President on 0412 407208

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